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Squaring the Circle...

And if, for some reason, it didn't work out, some unforeseen flaw in the design perhaps, well then, we could at least console ourselves with the knowledge that, in the final analysis, .............. we can always blame the Germans!

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Tom | Reply 16.11.2017 20.41

Would building Israeli settlements outside Israel count as acts of violence? For anyone concerned about Israel's creeping apartheid system, it would.

John Cronin 16.11.2017 21.48

That would be a judgement call for those tasked with making such decisions. But i see no reason why activities like this might not be submitted for evaluation.

tony | Reply 20.05.2016 13.34

Flaw? The ONLY flaw is not seeing HKBH who hides in plain sight.....

shenanigans | Reply 07.03.2016 07.19

Is this where the regrouping takes place? lol

Kit Bonde | Reply 21.02.2016 18.41

In this case I think we can blame the British and United States of America! And unfortunately the world is run by a few who decide what is wrong or right!

John Cronin 21.02.2016 21.11

Right or wrong here would be immaterial to the function of the KEY. It must only be guaranteed as being random in its deliberations to become a success story.

Tamara | Reply 22.10.2015 01.34

Inheritance and they won some of it back during the 6 day war. They'll never give up what was given to them in 1948 when they returned to their homeland.

Tamara | Reply 22.10.2015 01.31

Sorry, any terms that put them in a position where someone else says what belongs to them and what doesn't. In Israel's mind, they own all of the land by

Tamara | Reply 22.10.2015 01.28

I have to agree with Jake on this one. No one really has that right to take Israel's land from them. So they are not going to agree to any terms that out them

Steve | Reply 25.07.2015 02.34

Unfortunately today you get the phenomenon of "pallywood" where videos are made that are edited and staged to show something that is not true. Who judges?

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26.11 | 10:33

If the KEY works, Abe,then everyone is a winner. If not, then we are faced with the prospect of no one winning here, much as has been the case for generations.

25.11 | 19:19

To John Cronin.
Actually I agree with you(see my other comment further down). Israel would always win at that "game", an that would be "unfair" wouldn't it?

23.11 | 02:11

Too many people in this world like you, Abe Lee Maney. All of them are afraid to think too far outside the box in case they lose their way and can never return.

22.11 | 13:42

The world being mostly anti Israel would never implement it and moslems wanting to safeguard their "right" to kill, would ignite a worldwide murderous spree.

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