Finding the Laxian Key


Subtext:  'The Laxian Key'  - for those who may wish to know - is the title of a short story first published in Galaxy Sci-Fi magazine more than sixty years ago.

Note: This is not the subject here. It only serves as a parallel for a far more real and urgent dilemma. 


The author was Robert Sheckley (1928-2005) and the storyline centred around the chance discovery of an indestructible alien artefact, a so-called 'free provider' dedicated to furnishing unlimited quantities of food for a race of other-worldly beings. Once activated, this machine taps into every type of power supply and energy source imaginable, overproducing so massively that blanketing the surface of an entire planet with its unceasing (and inedible) product is well within its prime directive.  


And it can only be shut down by using something called a Laxian Key, a device whose very nature and whereabouts had become well and truly lost with the passage of time. 


Last line: "...but, if you ever find a Laxian Key, come back. We'll erect ten statues to you!"

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Yonit Gefen | Reply 16.08.2015 00.22

Why would you base your solution to a war on a science fiction book that you say [in red] is not the subject? Having read your entire document, I don't see

John cronin 16.08.2015 03.42

The preamble is put there to stop people thinking what follows is about science fiction when the subject is entirely something else. What don't you see. YG?

John Cronin | Reply 18.02.2015 19.34

Adam, contact me on FB if you need more info on the 'Key.' One thing I can't really discuss is the Keys bonus/bribe element. That has to serve as its crescendo.

Adam | Reply 18.02.2015 18.18

We found your FB site and can see you are way ahead of us. Commitment & moral standing is vital to mid-east matters as there are always naysayers in the shadows

Adam 18.02.2015 18.21

Ed says IPSO is locked into 4yr cycles but will try other avenues now that

Adam | Reply 17.02.2015 20.58

If you could include your real name Cronin/Yorke as Mossad routinely open files on activists and are suspicious of aliases. I will tell Ed of the 4 year delay.

Adam | Reply 17.02.2015 20.47

Something Ed forgot to mention. We talked about you increasing your social media footprint by opening Facebook & Twitter account. They’re both free and popular.

John Cronin 17.02.2015 23.27

I am on Facebook, Adam, but haven't used twitter for quite some time.
Additional: The 'Key' also generates a big bonus/bribe for everyone upon its delivery.

John Cronin 17.02.2015 23.20

The only expertise I can claim is a comprehensive knowledge of the Laxian Key and how it might stop the Israeli-Palestinian conflict dead in its tracks.

John cronin 17.02.2015 23.15

My real name is John Cronin, Adam. UK citizen, born London 1945. I am presently retired and my hobby for some years has been and still is the 'Laxian Key.'

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07.10 | 14:12

That 'loss' of land is the other side's gain, Jon. And, in the global village that exists today, how long do you think such losses will be allowed to continue?

07.10 | 13:40

Except that you don't scare crazies who strap themselves with bombs with a threat of loss of land, just as the settlement movement hasn't.

07.10 | 01:42

The KEY is not about who is at fault. It's the worst-case scenario for both sides, a scare tactic to exit a 67 year-old conflict having no other end in sight.

07.10 | 01:17

enemy kill Jews in the hopes that statistics ends up giving them more of the land. No thanks!

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